Would you like to receive a handmade card from me and Ann?  It’s even nicer when it’s one that tells you how beautiful you are!

That’s what we do.  We send cards to our online clients because we appreciate them so much.  (Of course, we appreciate our local clients too.)

Did you know that?

Thinking of You Card Idea

We love taking care of our clients.  And this is one popular stamp set!  It’s got style.  It’s got good fonts.  And it’s got wonderful greetings.

What’s not to like?

And when you use the current shopping code – XFBG4NV4  – we’ll throw in a sample of new product for you to play with!  Not leftovers from Central Bark.  NEW STUFF!  Maybe something you haven’t tried yet.

Now, that code changes from time to time – and you could be reading this bark a month from now – so we always post the current code towards the top of the right column on this page.  You might want to copy this link which is a good jumping off point before you shop because we post the current code and other shopping tips.

You know we want to take care of you!

And we hope that you’re enjoying some good weather.  I like my prediction better.  You may have seen it on my Facebook Page.


Groundhogs Day

And, by the way, here’s what we used to make this month’s reusable card.

Now, if you’re reading this in your email box, you can comment or see the pictures in the supply list here.

Handmade Card Supplies

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Don’t you just love opening your mailbox and finding a handmade card?