Have you ever unexpectedly run into an old friend or co-worker that you hadn’t seen in years?  Or maybe decades?

It happened to Ann the other night and it was totally a fluke!

You see, Ann has a standing choir rehearsal on Thursday nights that was cancelled.  She’d seen an ad for an event at the somewhat new Natural Foods grocery store for Thursday so she took my favorite huMAN to it for something interesting to do.

I understand there was non-GMO liquid involved and now she knows more than she used to.

But I digress.

Ann & my favorite huMAN were the first ones there soon after the doors opened.  After about 10-15 minutes, another couple came.  That couple later sat by them and the lady told Ann….. “You look familiar.  I think you used to work for me.”

Ann immediately knew who it was – even though it had been something like 25 years since they’d worked together.  They spend over an hour chatting and learning more about her old boss than she’d ever known.

But that’s not the good part.  Let me share this card with you before I go there.

Blessing Card

Don’t you think it’s nice to be recognized?  I do.  Just like yesterday when Ann took me to the credit union to visit my tellers.  The lady at New Accounts always gives me a nod and an extra special smile when I go in there.  (She even comes over to give me a cuddle if she’s not busy.)

That’s the job Ann used to do for Wendy so many years ago.  Ann’s done lots of things and meeting Wendy and George has made her reflect because she NEVER in her wildest dreams thought that she would EVER be a full-time Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator (& my part-time typist).

Ann’s thought back on all the jobs she’s ever done.  Because of those jobs, she’s met famous people.  She’s met interesting people.  She’s made life-long friends.  She’s met YOU!

But NONE has been more special, fun and rewarding as being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator (and my doorman) – which is why she made this card.

Sure, I could bark to you about all the places that Ann & my favorite huMAN have visited with Stampin’ Up!.  (His favorite was Fiji, but they’ve liked them all.)  But some of Ann’s best memories have been helping someone out of a pickle or helping them with colors for wedding invitations or eating a meal with some demonstrators that she only sees on Stampin’ Up! trips or conventions.

Or the time so many, many years before I was born that she showed up to do a workshop and forgot some of her stamp pads.  (She still hasn’t forgotten the More Mustard grapes on the card they made.)

Being her own boss for the past 17-plus years has be pretty awesome too.  It sure has for me!  And to think that you could be making your own memories, making new friends, being your own boss and getting all your stamps, ink and paper at a discount for just $99!

You’ve probably been thinking about it.  And if you have, JUST DO IT!  All you need is to pick out $99-125 of YOUR CHOICE of items from the main catalog and/or the Holiday catalog, register and you’re done!  We’ll sending you a case of catalogs and some business supplies too.

You’ll be one of the 24/7 Stampers in minutes by starting here.  In fact, you can even apply some of your Stampin’ Rewards (Hostess Benefits) towards your kit.

PSST!  you can see 3 dozen Thanksgiving Card ideas here.

Have questions?  You can email Ann at ann@stamperdog.com or give her a call at (530) 674-5090.  We’d love to have you!

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What has been YOUR favorite job?