Have you ever had a crazy day?  One that had good parts and better parts?  One that you won’t forget for awhile?

That was yesterday.

Ann and I emailed out an easy and elegant card with instructions to our mailing list subscribers for the 3rd installment of the 12 Week of Christmas Ideas series.  (You can get on board for that here if you’re not already getting it.)

And there IS a card in this story…..

But yesterday started very early for me.  I dined early because we had guests coming from Natale Construction.  Ann took one last shot of the kitchen and dining room when almost everything was packed up.

Kitchen Before

As usual, you can click on any picture for a larger view.  There are two things to note here:

  • That strip of yellowish gold on the far left is the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.  (Ann’s standing in the archway between the dining room and the living room.)
  • Notice two important items among the last things to leave the kitchen are my food container on the left and my water bowl that is next to the sink under the window.

The guys showed up with the head honcho at 7:30a.  Right about the time I usually like to eat breakfast.  They helped Ann & my favorite huMAN move a couple bigger items and then by the end of the day, my kitchen looked like this!  (In fact, it had pretty much vanished by 11a!)

Kitchen During

Now this picture is a slightly closer angle, but that wall is marked. (Notice the window is bigger and you can see all the way down the hall!  She’s closer to the window, but farther to the left so she’s standing where the wall was.)  To keep a roof over this dog’s head, they have to build two temporary walls before they take that marked wall out.

As you can tell, I’m wondering where I’m going to dine over the next few weeks!  And right now, there are a few holes in the ceiling making the house a bit colder at night.

But not to worry!  I rub paws with the best stampers!  Ann walked me out to the mailbox to get this little beauty out of its envelope!

Exploding Card

It was sent to us by one of our very talented 24/7 Stampers.  Karen lives in Pennsylvania and does some of the nicest work!

And that’s not all!  Here’s what it looked like inside!

Exploding Card

Karen couldn’t have mailed that on a better day for us to get it right on time!  Karen’s really good at sharing her beautiful work on our private team Facebook group as well.  She gets together with her stamp club every month and I think they’re lucky to have her!  (She and Ann have been to at least 3 Stampin’ Up! events together.  Boy, they know how to have fun!)

You could be part of the group too!  You can discover how here.  They all seem to inspire each other…..that is, when they’re not being inspired by me!  And there’s a large percentage of them who are dog lovers too!

I wonder how that happened!

We’ll have more as the saga continues.  I’m still making sure that Ann gets some work done around here.

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A crazy day doesn’t mean it’s a bad day!