It’s Make it Fit Monday again where we show you how to put all the stamps in the Happy Home box.

Have you ever dumped your stamps out and spent WAY too much time getting them in the box?  Well, that’s why we’re featuring some of these difficult to fit stamp sets to save you time.

Of course, you could scan a picture and print it and put it in the box.  Or you could take a picture and search on your phone.

But if you’ have no time for that, here it is, waiting for you.

Happy Home Stamp Box

And all you’ll have to do – for now – is go up to the top of any page and use the search box at the top right.

Did you know that we had a special search box for you?  It’s been hiding there all along…..just for you!

This one’s not going to be in the new catalog that comes out next month so here’s a card we made with it.

Watercolor Thank You Card

You can get the Happy Home stamp set in Wood Mount or if you prefer – in Clear Mount (but you’ll need acrylic blocks.)

Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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Good luck fitting your Happy Home into the box!