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Ellen asked a good question yesterday.  And if she wants to know how to pin a post, perhaps you were wondering the same thing!

It might be obvious to you, but when you’re on a tablet, you might not see everything.  Well, I have something to bark about that!

If you’re on a computer, there’s a pinning button on the left margin.  I don’t think you can always see that on a phone, but if you’re holding your tablet landscape, you MAY be able to see it.

But whether you’re on a computer, phone or tablet, there’s a group of buttons at the bottom of every post that look like this.  Just click on any one of those and share what you see with your friends.


Now, the buttons above are just a picture, but you can find the REAL buttons at the bottom of this post.

What do they mean?  Well, left to right, they are shown like this (and we’re related to all of them:

Are any of you on Google Plus?

If you look in the right sidebar, you’ll see where we have similar buttons, but those take you to my own links.  THESE buttons shown below actually work because Ann & I made them ourselves.

Yes, in the changeover to the new mailing system, we Ann accidentally deleted them so we had to put our programmer hats on and get to work – just in case you needed them.

You’d be surprised how we can help our clients when they have computer challenges.  And we hope you never have any!

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