It’s not every day that prices come down at the post office.  In fact, it hasn’t happened since 1919.

But it’s going to happen on Sunday!  And for that, we’re dedicating today’s elegant thank you card to the U.S. Postal Service.

Elegant Thank You Card

It’s not going down to 25 cents, but it IS going down TWO CENTS.

Just thought I might stop you on your way to the post office today.

And while we’re on the subject of mail……those of you who are on our mailing list may want to check your in boxes today or tomorrow.  We’ve been working all week on something special for you.  And it should happen later today.

Just barking here.

Elegant Thank You Card

It won’t be long before this beautiful Blackberry Bliss will be gone.  All those pretty shades of purple on this card are from Blackberry Bliss.  Perhaps if we get our big project done, I can get Ann to do a scope on it.

WAIT!  I think Ann said something about some paperwork she had to finish before April 15th.  I wonder what that is!

If you’d like to make this card, it’s easy!  Ann did it while she was watching the TV show Nashville on ABC.  Or was it Scandal?  I know she watched both on DVR.  Are those your shows too?

Here’s a supply list if you need to stock up.  The Blackberry Bliss is going to be gone in a heartbeat as soon as the retiring list is released a week from Monday so I’d stock up now!  (Click on a color swatch above to bring up all the color coordinated goodies.)

Card Making Supplies

Be sure to use the new hostess code CT7S4S9D while shopping today so that we can send you a cool little present in the thank you card we send.

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