Did you remember to turn your clocks ahead?  Spring ahead like a Jack Russell, I always bark.

Ann took my favorite huMAN to a food truck for his birthday.  What’s up with that?  They didn’t do their original plan to take me for a nice trip because it was windy and rainy.

But it wasn’t any food truck.  It was one of the best in Sacramento.  They even invited the Drewski’s food truck to serve at the Super Bowl last month!  They serve grilled cheese that you’ve never heard of.  Ann said it was awesome.  They ran out of Sweet Potato Fries so they tried some Garlic Tots.  Oh boy!

It was definitely a unique experience because the truck was parked in front of Comic Con.  Built in entertainment!

So back to quick.  Here’s the awesome card that my gal pal Doodles and her mom sent to my favorite huMAN.  It arrived right on the day!

Masculine Birthday Card


Isn’t it awesome?  I think I remember Doodles telling me how she got her mom to emboss the Perfectly Artistic Designer Series Paper and then Doodles went over it with some sandpaper.  (Or probably one of our old distressing tools.)

See how distressed it is?

Masculine Birthday Card

Yep.  I like it a lot.  And he did too!  And I think you can still score some of the Perfectly Artistic DSP for free with a $50 order while supplies last.

Masculine Birthday Card

As you can see, Doodles is a founding member of our Master Stampers group.  It’s a great way to learn new tips and tricks to improve your stamping.  You can discover more about the Master Stampers here.

But before I scamper away to my mandatory day after the clocks jumped nap, here are some unique reasons to give cards and miscellaneous reasons to celebrate this week:

  • Tomorrow is Pi Day.  Especially this year because Pi (rounded) equals 3.1416
  • Tuesday is True Confessions Day (confide!) and the Ides of March
  • Wednesday is Lips Appreciation Day
  • Friday is Forgive Mom & Dad Day
  • Saturday is Client’s Day, Poultry Day & chocolate Caramel Day
  • NEXT Sunday is a lot!
    • Ravioli Day
    • International Day of Happiness
    • Quilting Day
    • World Storytelling Day
    • Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

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Don’t you love getting a birthday card in the mail on the day?