This just in from an excited Ann…

Ann was on her way to a big Stampin’ Up! function yesterday, leaving me home to guard the stamps.

As she was white-knuckling it driving over the Grapevine (a mountain range North of Los Angeles), she was waved at by one of your husbands!  And he made her day!

Since he was working- we don’t want to go into specific details – but any husband who actually knows what you like and waves to Ann on the freeway and yells out that you love ME is now officially my 2nd favorite huMAN.

SO….. I’m sure your husband must’ve told you by now that they spoke because it was a very unique & surreal experience.

FIRST -Tell him that Ann was concentrating on her driving and regretted not pulling over IMMEDIATELY.  She even forgot to bring her own catalog (& her shampoo, conditioner & facewash).  He really did make her day.

AND…. if that was your husband, you need to call Ann at (530) 674-5090 or email her at and tell her what your husband’s job is.

We won’t say it here.  Ann won’t even tell me!  But by identifying his job, we’ll know it’s you.

BECAUSE…. we have a special gift for you.  We don’t want to give you something you already have, but I’m sure we can find something good around here that you’ll appreciate.

And not just an autographed picture.

And for everyone who’s read this far, please enjoy double Stampin’ Bucks when you use the current code listed in the right hand column or at

Thank you for letting us share our love of stamping with you.

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