Jack Russell Terriers are known to be excited dogs.  We’re just regular party animals.

Ann’s often said that she’d like to package the energy in my tail because it’s wagging all the time.  That’s because I’m one happy dog!

We sent out the newsletter where we announced that our friendly stamper Katrina in Southern California had won a $25 gift certificate from us.

AND later the 2nd installment of our 12 Weeks of Christmas ideas just before Ann had to leave the house.

Lucky for her, I noticed that she hadn’t made the page with the Christmas project instructions active, so I pushed the button as soon as I saw it.  I know at least three of you got the dreaded 404 screen that says “I don’t know what you’re looking for, but it’s not here.”


And as much noise as those roofers are making, they’re doing a good job.  They haven’t made me bark once – except that time when my legs were crossed at the back door – but that wasn’t their fault.

Here’s the picture Ann took last night as she was leaving.  You can see where they’ve finally delivered our new roof.


What you can’t see is that they’ve got the black paper on almost all of the back side.  And you can’t see where they fixed our garage.  It had sunk about 4″ where the original builder had stapled the supports together.

I guess you could say that we live in a mid century house.  That’s okay with me.  I’ve got a big backyard to run in and the neighbors are nice.  There’s lots of parking for my stampers.  Now that we’re updating the roof, what more could I want?

  • Some rain for California (AFTER the roof’s finished)
  • A bed in every room like I used to have before I chewed them up (all but my main one)
  • And, of course, world peace


We’re working on videos and card projects today.  No audio until they quit making all that racket.  But we’re not complaining.  It’s a happy noise.

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