I’m sure after reading yesterday’s post, you’d like to find out how I saved the day…

Yes, Ann was getting ready for my favorite huMAN to take her to the airport on Friday.  As she was getting her last items packed when they smelled something burning.  Not quite an electrical smell – Ann was afraid that the roofers had knocked something loose and the insulation was smoldering.

What to do?  The smell was getting stronger.

The short story was that we called 911 and the fire trucks came while Ann was ready to leave for the airport.

Yes.  She wanted to stay but I insisted that I would help my favorite huMAN deal with whatever the firemen found.

She thought she would be late, but she got to the airport on time and made a new friend with Stanley, the Bishon Frise. (Pronounced BEESH-on FREE-say)


She got up to Oregon and was picked up by her friends Tara and Joy.  With everything that had happened, Ann was quite confused but made it through the first evening in one piece.


There were over 50 people there.  They used half the room for stamping and half for the meals.


But Ann got the best table with Tara (center) and Joy (right) and made new friends: Nicole & Monica.


They made some great cards.  I think she should make this one at the next Christmas Card class on the 2nd Saturday in November.

Christmas Card

In fact, Ann made 25 card there and had 20 to take home to work.  She’ll be sharing many of them this week on live online stamping events with Master Stampers.  One is tomorrow during the afternoon and the other is Thursday evening.  (Members can register here.)


We hope you can join us!

And as far as that fire?  It was the light fixture in our kitchen.  They caught it before the fire started.  Whew!

And, as always, I was my normal calm self and maintain order in the presence of chaos.

Yes, there were a few things that Ann insisted on before she left:

  1. Put my harness and leash on.
  2. Put the computer in the car.
  3. Get out of the house.

And before she got to the airport, my favorite huMAN called her with an update.

Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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