So last night our local Stamp Club made the card I featured in yesterday’s post.  We should have taken a picture of them all together!

  • Same stamps
  • Same colors
  • Same layout
  • Same supplies
  • All of them looked different!

While yesterday’s was a popular card on Pinterest, it wasn’t the most popular card of the night.  When I checked in on Ann & the stampers, it seemed that most of them leaned towards more of the Halloween fare.

And that’s okay because we’ve used the same stamps and colors with a slightly different twist for today’s card.  And if you like it, you can pin this one too because it’s totally different.

Sympathy card idea

Do you think we should?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sympathy Card idea

You could use this as a Thinking of You card or even a Thank You card.  And this gentleman dog knows it would be a great masculine card.

Who would you send it to?

Here’s what we used to make this card slightly different from yesterday’s card.

Card Making Supplies

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This is still a fast & fun Fall card!