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Ann just got back yesterday from visiting her family in Tacoma, Washington.  You’d think that she’d go up there more often, but she’s only been to see them twice since they moved to her hometown 3 years ago.

And at the end of the school year, they’ll be moving to Texas!

As you know, they had an awesome lunar eclipse last week.  Ann was at dinner with her brother & didn’t take her good camera.  It was a bit overcast where she was eating at a waterfront restaurant, so I’m sharing an awesome picture taken by Tim Durkan Photography and shared by KOMO News in Seattle.


Ann dreamed of stamping (& me) the whole time she was up there.  They went so that they could do something they haven’t done together in over 30 years – go to the Washington State Fair.

Let’s just say that Ann has gained 5 of the 12 pounds she’s recently lost.  I think it was mostly on scones.

That doesn’t happen to you, does it?

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