A little while ago Ann & I appeared in a video asking for questions.

We’re collecting them and will make videos about them.  In fact, this first one will give you an idea of where we’re going with this.

You can watch this on You Tube here.

You’ve heard Ann call it a Pokey Tool Mat long enough.  It’s a Stampin’ Pierce Mat.

Would you like to get a Stampin’ Pierce to save your stamp table?  Like Ann shared in the video, TWO is a good idea and they’re not very spendy.

  1. One for paper piercing and anything you’d want to save your table from sharp pokes.
  2. The other to use with photopolymer sets to help you have the BEST impression.

We use it all the time.  It works great for BOTH those option.  (You could even use one for a giant coaster!

Remember that when you shop with us, you’ll get a full sized reusable handmade card made with these lovely vintage leaves in your snail mail box.

You know you want it!

Stampin' Pierce Mat

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