Have you been running into stamping situations that puzzle you?

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Ask here and we’ll answer it!  (Ann will translate.)

So now, let’s get onto today’s card.  I was ready to put this up yesterday, but the computers took over while I slept.

By the time Ann discovered that it would take HOURS AND HOURS to do a disk check on our office computer, our stamp room computer was stuck in updates.

Ever had a computer pack up on you just when you need it?

If you were one of my Facebook friends, you would already know this and have a sneak peek at today’s handmade thank you card.

Dahlia Thank You Card

I love these cards that are a little different, but they’re a bit difficult to display.  I couldn’t hold it in my paw so Ann had to hold it while I pressed the camera button.

I was helping Ann score the card stock and accidentally scored it at 5-1/4″ instead of 5-1/2″.

I swear I was watching!  So it was Stampin’ Up! Trimmer to the rescue!

We cut the offending 5-3/4″ side that was left down to 5-1/2″.  Then we cut the short side from 5-1/4″ to 4-3/4″.

Add a 1″ strip of striped Designer Series Paper across the bottom along with the “thanks” greeting and BAM!   We’re back in the game!

Here’s what we used to make this trendy looking card.  We’d love to help you stock up on supplies.  If there’s anything you’d like to add to your cart or just get more details, just click on any picture below.

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