Yes, it’s time for a sympathy card idea.  We’re going to miss our friend LaVerne.  Ann and my favorite huMAN celebrated with her at her 100th birthday party last year.

Can you imagine that?  100!  They even put a huge article and picture in the paper for that.  It wasn’t just for her reaching 100 years, but it was to celebrate a life well lived.

LaVerne just made everyone feel special.

And we’re fairly certain that if LaVerne’s loving family hadn’t been there to get her up and going each day, LaVerne wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did.

But she had a goal to reach 100 and she did it!

Sympathy Card Idea

So we didn’t want a sad card.  We all know that LaVerne is playing piano with the angels.  We just wanted the family to know we were thinking of them.

Do you see what Ann did with the greeting?  If we put the border all the way around the greeting, it was just too much Early Espresso – so we did a unique layer.  (Haven’t done that in a while.)

Sympathy Card Idea

If you’d like to make this card using the same card making supplies, here’s your supply list.  Just click on any picture for more details or to start your shopping cart.

Normally, it’s easier to make these cards in advance, but like many of our cards, we make each one with someone special in mind.


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