Catalogs in the MailI’ve helped Ann with 8 catalog roll outs and this one has been the most, er, interesting.

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought you’d like to see how far I’ve come!  You can click on any of them if you want to see me up close and personal.

I was unpacking boxes when I was pretty young.  Stampin’ Up!’s 20th Anniversary was in 2008 but according to our files, this was taken when I was almost 4 in 2009.

This first catalog picture was during one of the years that they had two full catalogs a year.  I’m just 2 years, 3 months in this picture which means December, 2007.  Ann had to roll up my shirt!


Can’t believe I guessed this in order, but this is 2009.  Ann served on the Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board while this Crushed Curry catalog was in play.


OK.  Here’s my favorite picture.  Aren’t I handsome?


Same catalog.  Different pose.  Summer 2010.  I’m almost 5!


2013 and it’s my first cover on the new website.


We didn’t take a catalog picture last year.  What WAS Ann thinking?  Notice that I’m starting to gray in 2014 just before I turned 9.  I know this was catalog time because Ann had lots of new product in those boxes and we bought that sign as a prize for her bunko group that comes to play with me every summer.


I’m even more distinguished in this year’s photo.  I’ll be 10 on September 2nd.  I’m itching for a grand surprise party – hint, hint.


If  you’re wanting to shop with us, it’s so much nicer when you have a catalog of your own!  Let us send you one when you get on the list here.

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