Don’t you just love DIY painting your house?  Uh, you may think twice after you hear my experience.

Several years ago, before I was born – something like 10 years, we think – Ann took a piece of Mellow Moss card stock to the local Home Deport and had them color match the card stock.  She used that to paint our living room, entry way and hallway.

It’s held up pretty good, but it did get chipped when they replaced the decades old carpet after I’d been housebroken about 9 years ago.

We’ve been looking for a new Stampin’ Up! paint color for a while now!  We even made this video back in 2013 that quickly explains why we like to usually match our paint to our Stampin’ Up! card stock.

Fast forward to this year when we’ve been through a couple color changes – and after much thinking, dreaming and concentration, I think I’ve decided!  (Yes, I’m deep in …er….thought here.)


We posted to my Facebook fans and my Instagram friends to guess which color we picked.  And no one did ever guess.  (That sign is something Stampin’ Up! used to sell back in the day and has been over the inside of our entry door for quite some time.)

Facebook-InstagramSo here’s a picture midway through  the transformation from Mellow Moss (over the archway) to Tip Top Taupe (behind the TV).

DIY House Painting

We know that Stampin’ Up!’s new Tip Top Taupe is only going to be here for 2 years, but we think it’s just the right color to coordinate with the carpet, the stone fireplace and that red couch.

So barking about carpet…. Ann was just mentioning to my favorite huMAN about how good I’d been and how I’d stayed away from all the paint.  I came in closer because everyone wants to hear when something good is said about them and…..


My back foot somehow went right into the paint tray that Ann had (in NOT one of her wisest moments) left on the floor by the TV because she didn’t want it to fall over off a small table.

And that’s not all of it!  Ann and my favorite huMAN got so excited, that they were calling me to come.  I thought they said “do you want to go outside?” so I got all excited too and pranced all over the middle of the room on my way to the patio door.

Ann was cleaning later that night saying how she’s so thankful that she bought StainMaster® carpet, but she quit counting my paw prints at 13.  We’re thinking that there were about 25 on the carpet plus some on the treadmill and one on the patio door jamb.

And this is not the whole story, but there are some things better not barked.

Do you want to know how to remove paw prints in paint from carpet?


This is where those same prints were but it’s at a different time of day so the color looks different.  We”re not guaranteeing anything but this is how we removed painted paw prints from our carpet:

  • Let the paint dry
  • Vaccuum any loose paint
  • Use a damp white cloth and a solution of 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to 1 cup of warm water
  • Start on the outside of each paw print and work in towards the middle
  • Keep massaging until the cloth comes out clean and the stain is gone

But honestly, Ann put the solution in a cup and massaged it in with her fingers.  Then she used the white cloth to wick away the paint.  We’re going to be shampooing the carpet today – a few days after the incident.

I swear that I will always be a paper crafting dog.  This DIY painting is for the birds!  Or the cats.  Or for the professionals.

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Now you know how to remove paint paw prints from carpet when your DIY painting.