Yesterday was a really important day.  It was Ash Wednesday which means there are 40 days until Ann’s favorite holiday – EASTER!

Many people  give up something important to them – like Chocolate – during these 40 days called Lent, but we’re going to reverse that and send out a card a day for the next 39 days.

We gave one to my favorite huMAN yesterday.  (Our goal is to honor him with a card once a week.)  Today’s card is going to someone who had surgery recently who won’t be expecting it.

Won’t you join us in this challenge to send a card to brighten someone’s day every day until Easter?  Let us know by leaving your comment below.  Then let us know how it worked out for you.   And since we’re starting a day late – send 2 today.  Or if you start later, send 2 a day until you’re caught up.

Creativity Experiment

Today’s card was one Ann made during the 2nd Creativity Experiment last night.  I was so excited about making some new friends that I was on my best behavior last night.

Aren’t you proud of me?

Everyone had the opportunity to make a card without seeing the sample card.  Ann described the card (without referring to colors) and they weren’t required to make it exactly like Ann described.

In fact, this card wasn’t exactly like the sample and Ann could see the sample!

Creativity Experiment

Card Making Tips

  • A 4-1/4″ square card will fit inside a regular A2 envelope
  • You can make a square envelope but a regular A2 envelope will save you extra postage


Card Making Supplies

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Two days down, 38 to go!