Are you a procrastinator?  I must tell you a secret – Ann has shown those traits too.

Her creative genius usually shows at the 9 o’clock hour.  She’s been thinking about something, but she doesn’t actually DO it until a day or two before.  It just seems that she works a lot like me.  Two speeds:  Slow (much like asleep) & full speed ahead.

So today is our day dedicated to our procrastinators because it’s the last day for a few things.

And before I re-share those sale items, how about if I reveal a little secret?  In this post last week, I challenged you readers to find where the “whoops” was.  It was a grrrreat exercise in realizing that people don’t look at your card as closely as you do.

Halloween Card

You can click on the picture for a closer look or see it in this post.

So what is it?  No one guessed, but if you look closely, the pumpkin in the middle isn’t perfectly round.  Ann accidentally punched it a little off center so she punched it again which made it a little more oval.  She almost threw the black piece away to start over, but now I’m glad she didn’t.

Card Making Tip

So the next time you’re thinking you want to start over, consider how big an “oops” it is.  Maybe it’s not that big.  Or maybe it is!

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