Here is how my Thursday started.  Ann got up early for some training.  (She likes to make sure I’m up on the latest.)

The UPS man came.   We tore open the box which is filled with cool stuff from the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Seasonal Catalog.  Doesn’t all that stuff look great?  I don’t know where to start!

Our active clients should be checking out their mailbox for their Stampin’ Up! Holiday Seasonal Catalog from us this week.  (Have you shopped with us recently?)

Holiday Mini Sneak Peek

Be sure to look for our Sweet Treat Product Shares offering from the Holiday Seasonal Catalog soon.

This is as far as we got because we had a hair appointment scheduled.  I reported the early part of our visit on Instagram and shared it on my Facebook page too.  Any self respecting blogging dog would do that, right?

Dog at the Hair Dressers

Classy Cuts is a dog-friendly environment and Susan has watched me grow from that puppy she had to chase down the street to the well behaved handsome dog she loves today.

My favorite huMAN joined us and the whole rest of the day changed course.  He got really sick and passed out.  The fire truck came with the ambulance and took him to “the big house”  (AKA Hospital)

The same thing happened about 5 years ago at the same place and sitting in the exact same place.  That time when they sent him to “the big house”, he came home with a mini computer in his chest.

Ann will tell you what a good trooper I was.  They kept me in the bathroom when the EMT’s came.  I only barked 1 bark when I heard my huMAN leave the building just in case they forgot me.

And in the quiet of the house in the wee hours of Friday morning, we made a card and finished a video for the Master Stampers to enjoy learning a new technique on this one layered card.  (Nope, it’s not the kissing technique.)

Patterned Flowers

You can find out more about the Master Stamper here.  We’ve got more than 100 projects, 20+ hours of video, a monthly live online event with Ann and monthly sketches too.  When you join now, you’ll have access to all of it AND the new projects we post each month you’re a member.

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