Well, I can bark to you that Ann is back from the Stampin’ Up! Cruise, but she’s not quite alive yet.  She spent ALL of Mother’s Day trying to get home.  she work up an hour before the alarm went off and suddenly remembered the CORRECT password to her computer.

I hope that never happens to you.  We’ve heightened security around here and those million character long passwords can be challenging.

Don’t you agree?

On Thursday, she’ll be hosting a webinar to share her swaps from the Stampin ‘ Up! cruise with the Master Stampers.  Master Stamper members can register here or you can become a member here and THEN register.  There are TWO days and times to pick from.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of two cool swaps that were shared in the Hospitality Room.


I say Ann’s not quite alive yet because she came home to 670 emails.  Now many of them are spam, so if you don’t hear from her, it could be because my paw slipped and accidentally put your email in with the spam.

I’m just barking here!

She was up over 24 hours trying to get home and still managed to type before she passed out on the bed.

Hope to see you at the webinar!  It’s just around the corner so be sure to register today!

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