This Feed Changing Announcement is not about Ann starting to change my food from Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice Dog Food (which is good enough to be a treat)  to the Senior Dog mix.  (She thinks I don’t see her looking at those packages!)

We’re migrating the Feedburner feed to FeedBlitz.  Some of you are already getting the FeedBlitz feed.  You can tell because in the top left hand corner, it says FeedBlitz in orange letters.

The Feedburner Feed has been misbehaving lately and Google isn’t going to support it anymore.

In non-technical terms –

Many of you get Ann’s email newsletters and get free monthly project instructions.

Some people ALSO get a little tickler bark from my blog every day.  And if they want to look, they just click on the link in their email.

If you’re on the Feedburner Feed, we’re going to try to transfer you tonight so it SHOULD be seamless.  But we don’t want to lose you if something doesn’t go right.

You MIGHT have gotten more than one email yesterday, but we should be back on an even keel.  In fact, you may have signed up a long time ago and wondered why you never heard anything and now you’re getting it!

TECHNOLOGY!  It’s enough to make you bark out loud!


If you’ve never had this type of service from us, you can always just fill out the box at the right that says “Get Updates!”  And you can always get on Ann’s mailing list for her newsletter and reminders here.

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