Are you working on a digital project with My Digital Studio?

If you are, you might want to check out the print products that will no longer be available after May 30th.


Ann made a really cool hard cover journal using a template like the Every Little Detail Journal Template.  (The one we used isn’t available anymore.)

All we had to do was change a word on the front.  We added some pictures, but with this one, you wouldn’t even have to!  You could change the word “details” to “barks” or maybe someone’s name.


Then BINGO!  You have a present!  With a template, you could have your gift ready to upload in less than 10-15 minutes!

The hard covers are going away, but they’ll have soft covers available with two types of binding after Friday.

Stamper’s Digital Tip

I would recommend that you order by Thursday so that you miss the rush.  You know that uploading large files can take a while and if you’ve been working a long time, you’d hate to hit a glitch as the end with no extra time to get it fixed.

I’m just barking here.

Looking for the Weekly Deals?  They didn’t have the sale price on them when we posted this, but you can always look at them here.  Just remember when you want to see them, you only have to remember

Order online & you’ll love the reusable handmade card you get from us.

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