Just because this could be used for a Mother’s Day Frame, doesn’t mean you HAVE to use it as a Mother’s Day gift.

These little orange boxes filled with DIY projects have just gotten better!  My Paper Pumpkin is a monthly cool box of fun that comes to your home that is complete except for scissors and perhaps a little adhesive (although we’ve had Dimensionals and Glue Dots.

Now you can order My Paper Pumpkin as part of a hostess order!  That means you can prepay a 1month, 3 month, 6 or 12 month package and count those toward hostess benefits!  You’ll save $1 a month by pre-paying a 6 month subscription and $2 a month when you prepay a 12 month subscription.  AND get free stamps through our Stampin’ Rewards (hostess benefits) when the order goes over $150.

If you choose these fixed length subscriptions, please let me help you.  It needs to be done in our online store and NOT on the Paper Pumpkin site.



Here’s how it happened.  the box shows up like what’s shown above.  We opened it and this is what it looked like.  A Thank You Note even before we started!

My Paper Pumpkin


And here’s how all the supplies were packaged under that pretty blue tissue.

My Paper Pumpkin

On the left is a picture that is on the cover of the multi-language instructions.  And see the stamps?  The first package you get comes with one of the high quality acrylic blocks that you’ll use on all the rest of your projects.  See the Mother Day stamp?  We didn’t use that because we’re giving the finished project to my favorite huMAN.  He deserves something good.  He puts up with Ann.

My Paper Pumpkin


Stampin’ Up! Paper Crafting Tip

  • We were surprised how easy it was to stamp straight.  Of course, the photopolymer stamps helped, but centering your 4″ square card stock on the grid paper made it even easier.
  • I don’t know how we’d live without our super affordable Grid Paper


The project comes with this cool frame.  Just follow the super easy instructions and you’ll have this smashing gift done along with the tag in less than 30 minutes.  And there are extra tags available to give or keep.

My Paper Pumpkin Frame


The newspaper banner is pre-cut and already has the adhesive on it!  SWEET!  And you don’t have to make it this way.  We just did so we could see how the project went together.

After you’re done with the frame, it’s just a couple minutes to add the tag and belly band.  (It’s more like a BODY band!

My Paper Pumpkin Gift

We probably would’ve ironed the ribbon because it was neatly folded in the package.  But I told Ann to “get the lead out!”.  And she complied.

Wouldn’t this make a great gift for your mom or a dear friend?

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