I don’t know how long that we’ve been doing the Crystal Ball Contest.  I’m sure it started before I was born.  That would make this our 9th or 10th Crystal Ball Contest.

And who wouldn’t want to win FREE STAMPS!??  Especially FREE STAMPIN’ UP! STAMPS!

Crystal Ball Contest

Stampin’ Up! will be releasing the retirement list on Monday, April 21st.

All you have to do is predict what stamp sets you believe will retire.  The winner of the contest will have more correct predictions than anyone else who submits their list.

FIRST – THE PRIZE!  Any stamp set you want from the new catalog (or old if you can’t wait) goes to the person with the most correct guesses.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Study the catalog and try to figure out which stamp sets you feel are doomed for retirement next month.
  2. Make a Baker’s Dozen list of the sets you believe will retire at the end of this catalog.  (That’s 13!)
  3. The first 12 are your regular guesses.  #13 is your tie-breaker (& only used in case of a tie).
  4. IMPORTANT:  Send your guess list to us at buystamps@stamperdog.com before the rooster crows on Easter Morning.  (That’s like 7am this coming Sunday)
  5. You MUST put CRYSTAL BALL 2014 in the title.
  6. This challenge is NOT open to current demonstrators, but our 24/7 Stampers community are doing a separate one.
  7. If the retirement list is leaked early in ANY format, the contest will immediately close.
  8. Ties will be broken by the #13 tiebreaker, and if there is still a tie, by whomever submitted their guesses first so enter early!

Remember!  If that Easter Bunny is hopping, you’ve waited too late!

We’ll think of something extra nice if you get all 13 right!

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