Sunday is the day to turn your clocks ahead.  So since we’re losing an hour, I’m going to show you one of the fastest, elegant cards you’ll ever make.  Read on and I share a few tips to insure your success.

I’m sure you don’t want to show up anywhere late on Sunday.  Showing up to work an hour late on Monday wouldn’t be a good idea either.  That’s why we figured we’d make you a special reminder.

And remember that there are more traffic accidents around a time change so let’s be careful out there!


The Watercolor Wonder Designer Note Cards come with envelopes and are already decorated!  We just used the

It’s hard to tell, but the bubble border is embossed in Silver and the words are embossed in black.  I thought that they wouldn’t be as easy to read if I made them silver.

And here is how I did it.  I’d have more pictures, but the battery went dead on the camera (and the spare battery wasn’t charged either)!  We used the VersaMarker!

Supplies for super quick card

But Stampin’ Up! doesn’t sell the VersaMarker anymore!  And that’s okay because I never liked or used it that much anyway.  In fact, to make sure it was juicy enough, we rolled the VersaMarker in our VersaMark pad.

So what would we do instead?  You could try a make up applicator like you would use for eye shadow.  (Not that I’ve personally used eye shadow.)  Apply some VersaMark refill or tap heavily into a VersaMark pad.  Then apply the VersaMark fluid to the part that you want to emboss.

  • We embossed the greeting in black first.
  • Then wash and dry the stamp well.
  • DRY THE STAMP WELL being very important.
  • Then apply the VersaMark fluid to the bubble and emboss that in your second color.

That’s it!

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