Valentines are supposed to be handmade, but who’s got time for that?  While supplies last, Stampin’ Up! has some Monster Valentines to help you keep the tradition alive!  Your kidlet can make enough for the whole class in minutes.They’ll be the favorite of the whole class when you add a little Hershey’s Treasure.

And who doesn’t love googly eyes?

You can get these Monsters come in Boy Valentines & Girl Valentines.  For just $5.95 you’ll get enough for 18 Valentines with 18 Googly Eyes and 18 hearts you can stick wherever you’d like on the monster (or not at all).



You could buy one pack of each so that a boy would get a boy valentine and a girl would receive a girl valentine.  This dog would recommend some Glue Dots to help hold your little candy treasure onto the valentine.  (If you don’t have them already, you’ll wonder how you got by without them.

Just click on the pictures below to grab yours while they’re still available.  (Pluse you’ll miss the mad last minute rush and honor that No Procrastinating New Year’s Resolution you probably started this week.


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