Shelli Gardner, Co-Founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up! is a well-loved name around this house.  BalletMy favorite huMAN thinks she is da bomb!  I think she is da bone!  And Ann, well, Ann’s been around Shelli many times over the years and it still makes her almost speechless.  She’s even had dinner at Shelli’s home when she was on the Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board.

Here’s Ann at a little Pajama Party with other Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board Members that year.

But her favorite Stampin’ Up! picture was one she doesn’t usually share.  It was 2005.  Ann didn’t know it then, but her friend Karin and a few others had nominated her to receive the Heart of Stampin’ Up! Award.  (Only 1 person gets it each year – sometimes 2.)

OOPS!  Ann obviously wasn’t thinking stage presence when she dressed that morning.  The whole thing was a surprise.  And now you know why Ann doesn’t wear shorts to the Stampin’ Up! convention anymore.


So here the three of them are, shortly after Ann was crying in her seat while Karin slipped up on stage and read her nomination letter in silhouette.  Shelli put the gold heart award necklace around Ann’s neck and Ann has worn it almost every day since.  You’ll get a glimpse of it if you look close at her in a picture or video.

Now we’ll fast forward to more current events.  Shelli was seriously injured in a horse riding accident and has been doing some serious recuperating. (the horse is fine, by the way)  Before the accident, she was asked to do a video by IPG Commercial Real Estate.  We hope you’ll take a minute to hear what Shelli says about the one thing that makes Stampin’ Up! a success.  Why?  Because Ann – and I – agree wholeheartedly!

This is just one of the many reasons why we think that you should think about becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  It’s not just the stamps, the recognition, the money….. it’s the friends that we’ve made in my short life and the almost 15 years that Ann has been a demonstrator.  She only started to get her stamps at a discount and maybe do a party a month.

Instead, it changed her whole life for the better.  (Including getting me for her favorite dog.)

You can find out more here about how you can join our demonstrator community we call the 24/7 Stampers.  Feel free to talk to Ann by giving her a call at 530-674-5090 or emailing her at

Don’t wait!  Do it today!

And if you’re wondering what card Ann is sending Shelli to help her get well, we redid the card below from the Master Stamper as a get well card.  Shelli likes vintage and this kind of leans that way – or it did in the remake.

Polaroid Color Wash

In the meantime, we’re here waiting for your call.

It’s a great time to be the blog dog of a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

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