Catalogs in the MailIt was a busy day in the Clemmer house yesterday.  We started on Friday getting the catalogs ready for the first mailing.  And FIVE CASES LATER, they’ll be picked up today.  We ended late last night so this is a picture of me from a previous year.  I still look the same, but my brown parts on my head might look a bit more tan these days.

Those of you who have catalogs in the first shipment should be getting emails today.  Just email Ann if you don’t hear from the post office by tomorrow so we can get you on the next mailing.  Please use that link so that we don’t lose your email in the piles of fan mails I get on a regular basis.

We’re still working on the RSS feed for those of you who like updates in your email.  And we’re working on the comments too.  AND we hope to be getting my video computer back from the shop today.  It caught a cold and we’re hoping that they didn’t have to sweep it clean.  This site is as clean as a whistle so

Today’s tip for the retiring catalog items is to make sure you have your favorite things from the Spring Mini and the 2012-2013 catalog.  There is not guarantee that anything will show up on the Clearance Rack or be carried over.

We’ll be back with a cool Stampin’ Up! card idea tomorrow.

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