Oh, this is my favorite time of year!  ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, the official Stampin' Up! Retirement List will be released.  And my loyal fans know that can just mean one thing! 

Win Free StampsIt's time

for my

8th Annual

Crystal Ball



And the winner will get to pick





Now with every contest, there must be rules.  Ask my gal pal Doodles.  She's an Agility Champion and has to tow the line every time she runs the race!  But I digress.  This is one of our most popular events here at Central Bark so PLEASE read and abide by these five simple rules:

  1. Pick a Bakers' Dozen – that's 13 stamp sets (other than hostess sets) from the current big catalog that you think will not be appearing in the new big catalog that is to be released June 1st.  (We'll post soon about how you can get your new catalog.)
  2. The first 12 are your picks.  #13 is the tie breaker. (And yes, that's happened before.)  If there is STILL a tie, the sender of the earliest entry will be declared the winner.  (by the email date stamp)
  3. Just one entry please.  Sending it to Ann's personal email could mean it will get lost in the fray.  Instead, please send your entry to me at stamper@stamperdog.com.  I promise not to chew on it IF you write CRYSTAL BALL CONTEST in the subject.  I'm just a dog and cannot guarantee the pawing of your entry otherwise.
  4. To keep it fair for all our beloved stampers, this contest is not open to demonstrators or Stampin' Up! employees.  (Of course, you are welcome to join our 24/7 Stampers Community after submitting your entry.)
  5. Deadline for all entries is MONDAY NIGHT, APRIL 22nd at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME.   The contest could be called to an immediate end if there is a security leak of retirement list information.

Let the games begin, stampers!

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