While Ann was doing her online training with our team last night, I was playing in the other room with My Digital Studio.  Ann's had the same wallpaper on her Android Razr Maxx since last Fall!  Orange is not her favorite color so I know we're LONG overdue.

I put our office number on it because it's unlisted so someone could call me if she loses her phone and I'll come fetch.

Doing a wallpaper for your phone is a good beginner project that can show off your Digital Designs wherever you go.  You just through up anything you want.  And now for a limited time, you can get selected Digital Content CD's for just $1!  That's right!  A BUCK!  Get yours here.

I know that when you see this, you'll realize that my picture is the best looking thing in the project.  Right?

You'd think it would need more on there, but look how the center home page looks.  You can see me better when she scrolls left or right.  (It has FIVE pages! for icons!)  On the left is the new one.  On the right is the one I replaced.  All done with My Digital Studio!

PhoneJan13 Phone















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