I love ALL of you, but I have a special place in my heart to those of you who send me cards.  I wish I could post ALL of the beautiful cards, but I can't do them all here.  Maybe I'll put a group picture on my Facebook page this weekend.  And I'll probably be posting some pet travel tips over there to help those of you novices.

24/7 Stamper (& Master Stamper) Marci sent Ann some homemade candy.  It is really cool looking and has chocolate on the top.  I know she wouldn't send chocolate to me because she knows it's poisonous to dogs.  Ann wasn't going to share anyway.  I think she's even going to hide it from my favorite huMAN!

Jen and Cynthia sent us pictures of their families.  Human, those kids are growing!

Master Stamper Lynda send me this card with this cool punch art dog paw on the front.  I know my gal pal Doodles is jealous as she reads this today.  Lynda sent Ann a nice one with snowmen.

Punch Art Dog Paws

Donna gave jazzy Christmas CD's to everyone in the Yuba City Stamp Club.  Wasn't that nice?  She was a lifesaver when Ann and I were held captive waiting for Fed Ex to deliver our computer yesterday.  Whew!

This is a great idea for those of you who need a quick, inexpensive gift.  The music made our day!

Today our office looks like a computer store again!  Two computers wired together with two monitors and wires everywhere!  I'll be glad when this is all over and Ann can pay more attention to ME!  THAT'S MY Christmas wish and I know it's hers too!

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