I’m sure that it’s hard for some of you to explain to your friends how you like artful eye of a dog.  Believe me when I bark that my canine friends don’t understand my love of stamping either so I guess we’re even. 

63mo-ChristmasCoatCloseAnd many of you like to get to know me in another dimension that you humans call Facebook.  In fact, you’ve really given me barking rights around here because *I* have more friends than Ann has!  As it should be because I have more legs than Ann has. 

One can never have TOO many friends and 936 humans just CAN’T be wrong so I’m looking to increase my circle of friends by 7%.  Yep, I put my paws to the calculator and set a goal of 7% more friends.

I think that EVERYONE could use 7% more friends so I’m hoping that after you’re done scrolling down to see the artwork, be sure you click here to jump on over to my Facebook page and tell me that you LIKE me.  It will totally make my day.

And it will make your dat too – especially if you like pet humor and sneak peeks and exclusive content.  I’m just not reposting the stuff from my blog.  Some things will inspire you.  Some will make you chuckle and some will inform you.

And for those of you who came here today to drool over my artful eye – I’m just going to give you a sneak peek.  Ann is going ga-ga over this Christmas Rose look lately with the Stippled Blossoms stamp set.  She did TWO different techniques over at the Master Stamper using this focal point.


Of course, this was taken BEFORE she did the techniques and I like it already!  I’m just going to share that they really made me drool.  I don’t know which one I like better.  One is there now.  The other will be up as soon as we get the new computer up and going. 

I can’t wait!  Delivery is today!  You are going to be so glad we did this!  (I hope, I hope!)  So now get on over to Facebook and LIKE ME NOW!


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