Today's video features how you can cut and score a 2" x 5-1/2" piece of card stock to make a quick Christmas goodie for your coworkers or classmates.

Be sure to watch to the end and let us know which of the two toppers you like.  They're the exact same supplies listed below the video but they're assembled differently.


Here's how I counted on my paws to figure out where to score – with a LITTLE help from Ann.  The candy is a little more than 1" wide.  The card stock strip was a little less than 5-1/2".  So the math looks like this.

A little under 5-1/2"
MINUS a little more than 1"
Equals a little over 4"

So we rounded it down to 4" and cut that in half.  That make 2" and that's WHY we scored at 2" from either end – knowing that it would be close.

Ann explains things like this in more depth at  That's a membership club where people want to learn more about stamping.  And you can learn more about it here.  We're working on a really sparkly video today to post there this weekend.  And all our 12 Weeks of Christmas ideas are stored there too.

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