Where did the time go?  I can't believe it!  We're already posting the FIFTH WEEK OF CHRISTMAS IDEAS today!  (Get on the list here if you're not getting them.) Today is the LAST DAY that you can get that special Christmas Bundle that includes the Ornament set, the Ornament Framelits for your Big Shot, the Candlelight DSP and free Piercing Template here.

And you can get 3 free Digital Downloads this week only that you can use with My Digital Studio!

We've been so busy that Ann only took a picture of me in ONE of my 3 Halloween Costumes!  And you've already seen it! 

I hope to be posting my numero uno costumo for this year on my Facebook page later today.  In the meantime, here's my favorite one from last year along with 9 Quick Halloween Pet Tips for all of my favorite stampers.  You know – the ones who have pets.


  • YOU may want to dress up, but it might not be on our agenda. If you want us to wear a costume, let us try it on now & get used to it. Halloween is stressful enough for us without throwing new clothes into the mix.
    If your furry friend doesn't like it, you can always tie some ribbon on their leash or collar.  (Ann started exposing me to fashion statements at a very young age.)
  • Speaking of leashes, let's talk about that door! Keep your pet away from the door or at least on a leash. Once they've bolted, it can be hard to catch them. Put us in a crate or small room like the bathroom. Dogs have a denning instinct so we actually feel safer in a small space.
  •  Make sure you have our collar & ID on! If we do get away, it's the only way many humans know how to help us go home.
  • Halloween candy can be toxic to us! It's not just the chocolate! They wrap that stuff in cellophane & tin foil that can really mess up our tummies. Keep that stuff up & away before you give it out & especially after it comes home with the kidlets. 
  • I'm a little dog, but those big guys have tails that can knock a candle over. I'm just barkin'…
  • Puppies like to chew, but with all the partying, a nervous dog might like a little bite out of that new cord you laid out for the lights. Keep 'em up!
  • If you're going to an outdoor party, we won't mind staying home in our crate.  Personally, I don't like to be stepped on.
  • Plus, we can pick up something that's been dropped (like candy) faster than you can blink – and you'll never know what made me sick.
  • If there are other dogs around, costumes can mask important dog language that we need to communicate.   That could spell trouble.
Have some fun!  We depend on you to keep us safe! 

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