I'm not supposed to do this, but it's my birthday month & I can take a little birthday license.  Ann's a bit more accomodating now that she realizes that I'm 49 in human years. 

But a good diet and consistent exercise keeps me in good condition.

Ann's featuring TWO cards this week AND a technique tip as this week's project for our Master Stamper members.  We know that you just want to soak it all up so we're pulling all the stops out with the new camera to bring you the best.  People love it that Ann shows you what works AND saves you time showing you what DOESN'T too!

I'm going to sneak back to my outpost before Ann actually READS this stuff!  Sneak on over to the Master Stamper and try it out for a month!  Oh boy!  And once you attend the live online class.  Well, have a little discovery that you won't want to miss one again!

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