Life was fine around here when I was king of Central Bark.  But now I've been kicked to the edge of Ann's phone, the Droid Razr Maxx

I used to be front and center before she started playing with My Digital Studio 2+.  I was the main feature on the wallpaper.  Now I'm kicked to the edge of the phone! 

There is ONE good thing.  Before, it was a fuzzier picture.  NOW, I'm in perfect focus! But I'm smaller too.

Here's what the picture looks like without the phone. I think she even put a couple of dirty splotches on my white coat like she did on that pumpkin!  I'm just barking here!


The DROID Razr Maxx runs across 5 screens.  You can see my left ear in the main screen.  NOT ACCEPTABLE!  You can see my face on the screen just to the left of center.  And here I am ducking and weaving between the icons that she puts on the far left that she doesn't use much .


Some of you already have My Digital Studio.  The upgraded version is WAY better!  And the 2+ comes with over $500 of images shown here.  Unless you already bought a boatload of images to use with the original program, this one is the better deal.  And all your old images will transfer over to use with the new program!

I think she needs to get cracking on making some wallpaper for those of you with iPhones.  That iPhone 5 is coming out.  Or perhaps she can help you make it yourself!

But remeber – your dog's picture should be front and center!  Human, oh human!  Who does she think I am?  Siri?

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