Halloween is the start of the fun MummyTagVideo, but really my September 2nd birthday kicks off a season of giving.  It starts with my birthday gifts.  Then it goes into those Halloween treats and tricks.  Then you humans enjoy giving a little more thanks than usual at Thanksgiving.  And to top it off, the big guy in the red suit puts all your giving efforts to shame! 

So lets start off the Halloween giving with a Halloween Mummy Tag to go on your little gifties for your friends.

I'm almost positive that it would be a most excellent accessory to accentuate a bag of dog treats.  Wouldn't you agree?


1-TwoTagsWho would have thought that a Jack o Lantern face would look just as good on a mummy?  And remember to get that Two Tags Die #115954

We've got even more tricks up our sleeve this holiday season.  One week from tomorrow, we'll be starting our annual 12 Weeks of Christmas Ideas.  Now would be a good time for you to beat the crowds and get on the list now so you don't miss an issue.

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