Stinker Doodle Bug, my official girlfriend is pretty hot stuff.  She can run circles around the rest of us.  And if you think *I'm* small, she's even smaller!  Here are some pictures we took from a few years ago in our respective homes.  Doodles is my "more experienced" girlfriend because I'm a few years younger, but she's a DOG, NOT a cougar. 

Doodles-Bag46mo old

Barking about age reminds me – TODAY IS MY HALF BIRTHDAY!  I'm almost 4 in this picture, but I'm now a proud 6-1/2 years old!  And do you know what THAT means?  It means that in just 10 more days, it's our 6th Blogoversary!  My, how time flies!  And it lands right on my favorite huMAN'S birthday.  I like how we planned that!  Oh yes, an dhappy birthday to Dr. Seuss too!

So, back to Doodles – Ann was working on her Master Stamper videos until the wee, wee hours this morning.  She didn't get my video done, but I'll show you the card I made Doodles with my first Designer Envelope. (I'm going to have to speak to her about her priorities.)

Doodles & I banter & bark about design elements, layouts & color combos.  I just thought I'd make this little monochromatic 3" x 3" card for her to go in her special package.  But the video I directed is about the envelope & what they DIDN'T tell you in yesterday's video.  We should have it up for you soon so check back! 

The card uses my favorite Friends Fur-ever stamp set.  The dog stamp & the white ones in the samples in the Stampin' UP!   catalog look a lot like my predecessor, Johnny Walker.  It also uses that cool Best Friends Forever stamp set for the leaves. 

Those Stampin' Up! corporate types are pretty sharp & thorough so you know it's going to have to be a BAM Video.  They're listed separately in the Categories list on the right because they're all less than 5 minutes.  BAM stands for Bark A Minute & you can find them all here. 

And you just thought I was a regular dog!

Recently someone asked Ann if she wrote this blog.  Human, what are you thinking!???  Ann straightened them out really quick & told them that she was just the typist.  Well, AND my favorite Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

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