We've been preparing for this weekend since July!  Yep!  We've been doing Christmas card classes starting in the Summer & have enjoyed them all!

We pulled out the stops this week with 4 – actually 5 videos.  3 here & 2 for the Master Stamper site.  But to use BUSY is a 4 letter word.  We're just having fun at the greatest job in the world!

So I'm starting to say THANK YOU now to you all.  We don't have pictures of ALL your Christmas cards, but here are some that we DO have pictures of.  (I apologize in advance if we missed yours, but the weekend's not over yet.)

To save space, I'll make the pictures smaller so that you can click on them to see them bigger.



Of course, I have to share my personal one from my girlfriend, Doodles.  It's all fuzzy with treats in the Christmas Stockings made with the Stockings Builder Punch that's not coming back in the next catalog.  WAAA!

She's a pretty talented pup.










And then there's one from her owner, Kay, who misses the Bridesmaid Specialty Paper a LOT!  I was so flattered that she used some of her stash on me!






Lynda & Buddy sent me my very own subscription to BARK magazine! 

Does this mean I'm all grown up now?  Do I have to get reading glasses? 

Both Kay & Lynda are members of the Master Stampers.  They have their own gallery over there, but since the cards had MY name on them, I figured I'd show them off here.





My buddy Martha always asks about me.  She's a demonstrator who lives in my favorite huMAN's home state with her fella, Joe.  In fact, she sent me a hand stamped scarf home from convention one year!

Stamper-23mo-neckfront_smallSee Martha?  I even kept a picture of it!

And I bet you thought I'd forgotten!  I was almost 2 years old here.  (Now I'm 6)

Ann's looking forward to seeing Martha in January.  Those demonstrators sure know how to have a good time!

I'm just barking!


Jan's another demonstrator friend that is the apple of my eye.  She even made my card in my favorite color, Real Red! 

This isn't the only card that we got from Arizona.  Kathy & Bailey sent us one from Arizona too.  We just haven't taken our picture of it yet. 

So here's your little inside info from your favorite pooch….. if you're thinking of getting a dog for Christmas, why not wait a bit?  Make sure that you've read up on the breed.  Don't buy it from a pet store.  See where the pup grew up. 

And our neighbors have gotten some grrrreat dogs from the pound.  Just think how grateful YOU'D be if someone saved YOUR life!

So thank you all & may you have a blessed holiday with your friends & family.  And don't let your dog eat any chocolate or turkey!  In fact, cooked bones aren't good for us at all!

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