Well, after he said "Happy 4th of July!" and "I want to come back as Ann's dog", he said that you've got to DO something to make a mistake.  Well, we didn't make a mistake, but it didn't turn out as planned. 

First, I've got to say that My Meg & My Deb are the best!  They were part of a great experiment that gave some interesting results!  Now you know we're not professional photographers around here, but we do okay when it comes to cards. 

We took the advice of a photo blogger named Nicole Hill on how to shoot sparkler messages.  Since we only had 2 models, we were going to just do a {heart} & a U for LOVE YOU.  It was supposed to be a special message to all of you who read my barks on a regular basis & for those of you who get your stampin' fix from Ann.

As per her instructions, here's what we did:

  • 4July-1 Used a tripod
  • Set the camera mode to Manual (M)
  • Set the f/stop to 5.6
  • Shot with a shutter speed of 4 seconds or slower.  (we tried 4 & 8)
  • We didn't set the white balance to Tungsten, but we will next time
  • Our models wrote backwards.

There are many more pictures than these, but we only had 12 sparklers & they only went about 30 seconds, if that.  The first one was shot at 4 seconds. 4July-2 My Meg's got the bottom of her heart down, but the top needs the indent.

We live on a double dead end street.  We're out in the street.  Make sure that you're not near any dry grass if you try this!

The second one looks like it needs an "i" in front to say IOU!  And I do!  :-)  I don't know why the girls don't show up the same in this one.  I know at some point they had to get out of the street & move the camera because they didnt' want to get run over. 

4July-3 This last one is just about there!  It's the last one they took & they ran out of sparklers.  Ann went down to Hope Point Nazarene on George Washington & got more yesterday so she's got LOTS to try tonight!

I hope that you'll all blow things up safely tonight.  Remember to keep your dogs & cats safe.  It's a very scary time for us & we depend on you to take care of us.  Keep us on a short leash or better yet – leave us inside! 

My predecessor, Johnny Walker, used to lock himself in the bathroom at times like this.  Dogs have a denning instinct & like small spaces when they're hurt or scared so a crate is a very good thing.  I may just turn in early so I can wake Ann up at the crack of 7.

Here's a rerun of my latest patriotic card.  Enjoy!


I'm so happy that Ann & my favorite huMAN live in a country where a dog like me can stand up & bark, star in videos & live a good life & where they can worship & celebrate.

Gotta love that!

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