We're venturing away from the cards today.  My favorite huMAN is going in for surgery today.  Ann thought it was Friday, but it's today. I'm keeping my paws crossed & in the prayer position & hope you will too.

So I'm sharing something special with you.  It's just a minute long, but it's awesome!  Watching it in HD is noticeably different. 

You see, when Ann & Cecil go on a Stampin' Up! Cruise or trip, they normally save up the money to do ONE tour.  The first year when I was just a pup, they got up close & personal with dolphins in Mexico.  The next year I let them go, they went on a tour of the rain forest in Panama & saw the Panama Canal.  The next year, it was mopeds to drive all over Bermuda.  The following year, they rode a bus all around the Big Island of Hawaii & saw a volcano (though it was a ride out to a public park for whale watching with Max & her huMAN that they remember best).  Last year, it was zip lines on St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Yes, Stampin' Up! has been very good to them because otherwise, they've never really done vacations.

This year, they were supposed to ride a helicopter out & walk on the Mendenhall Glacier, but it got cancelled due to weather.  That's okay.  They know Who's in control.  They went on the cheaper tour that they'd originally picked & this is what they saw.

Isn't that awesome?  Watch it in full screen & HD if you've got the juice.

We'll be back tomorrow with some dynamite art for you.  Maybe even later today.  But for today, I just can't wait until my huMAN comes home – in one piece.

It's a grrrrreat time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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