Ann has lived in foggy places before, but never like this!  She drove down to Sacramento to stamp with her  Sacramento Stamp Club.  That's about an hour from here.  She said that towards ths end, she could only see about 20' in front of her!

But who wouldn't go the distance for this happy group of stampers?  I know I'd LOVE to do stamp with them because they love dogs too!  You can click for a close up in case you don't believe how fun they are!  I just love 'em because they get Ann out of my hair for the evning so that me & Cecil can watch basketball on the TV.

Sacramento Stamp Club

Just a hint!
Here's a hint of one of the cards they did.  You'll have to check back later on today to see the whole thing.  It's enough to make you bark out loud!

This cool group of stampers didn't know each other beofre Stampin' Up! brought them together.  Some were friends, but no one knew everyone.  That's what's cool about this stampin' sport. 

Ann will come stamp with you & your friends or else she'll help you meet some new friends that you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.  Just ask her!

Kind of like how you feel about me!

Remember!  Come back later today & check it out!

it's a great time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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