I still haven't come down off of my high of being featured in the Sacramento Bee's Home & Garden section on Saturday, January 8th.

64mo-Bee-1 You can read the story & see most of the pictures here, but they ran even more pictures in the real paper than in the online article   Still, the important thing is that they got me doing one of my tricks in both the online & the printed version so all is well in my dog world.  To get a better idea of how huge the article was, here are a couple pictures of me with the front & inside pages. 

You can click for close ups.

Click 4 a close look Ann & I both want to thank Debbie Arrington for her reporting & Randall Benton for making her look so good.  I liked Randall a lot.  He took lots of pictures – including ones showing my jumping abilities – but he thought my left side looked best.  Who knew?  I was giving Ann a "High 10" at the time.

With so many hundreds of thousands of readers, I'm going to send Ann to the store to get me some sun glasses so I don't wear my paws out with autographs!  But honestly, the real star of the article was SCRAPBOOKING!  Something we should all be doing – especially this time of year.  Start with Christmas & work backwards.  Ann can help you!

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