There IS a card at the end of this story!

I was on a Top Secret Mission yesterday.  Just me & the guys.  We had a double top secret meeting in San Francisco.  You know!  The one they call the "city by the bay". 


We had some serious business to attend to.  It was the first time I met Mark Rogers face to face.  He recognized me because I knew the super secret tongue wag. 


Come on, humans!  I could do a secret paw shake, but that would be so predictable!



It was really nice working with Mark.  I'm hoping to working with Mark on another secret mission some day.  He listened to my ideas & respected me as an artist.  He knows I can keep his secrets until…

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Ann comes along & tortures me until I tell!

This isn't the best picture.  It's just a teaser.  Mark works with humans too, but he treated me like I was his favorite model.  (You can click this one for a close up if you want to see me in a happily altered state.)

You can see more of Mark's award winning work at his website.

And now for MY artwork!  A little card featuring another set of guys:  Larry, Moe, Curly, Dasher, Rudolph & the rest from the Stampin' Up! Holiday Lineup stamp set #111648.


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