Much of the nation is just like here – hot! Hot! HOT!  It got up to about 104 here yesterday.  I'm a smart dog.  I stay indoors.  Ann takes me for a ride sometimes, but only if she's going somewhere that I can come inside too.  She won't leave me alone for a moment.

Even on an 85 degree day, it only takes 10 minutes for  your car to heat up to 102 degrees EVEN WITH THE WINDOWS CRACKED!  In 30 minutes, it can be up to a sweltering 120 degrees!

We don't sweat like you do & we're always wearing a fur coat.  You don't want to come back to your car to find your favorite four legged friend with heat stroke – or on his or her way over the Rainbow Bridge.  You know you would never forgive yourself so make sure that you keep us cool with lots of fresh water whether we're home or away

Take this advice from Stamper Dog with facts provided by the ASPCA.  We'll be back tomorrow with a card, but you can always check out our Make a Card Today program for an idea & recipe in your mailbox every day here.

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