Got this invitation in the mail yesterday from one of my favorite stampers.  It didn't say my name on it, but Val could have written it in invisible ink.  I ate the envelope to destroy the evidence.  I can smell the barbeque now!

Val Dodge
Did you know that Ann now has FOUR ways to order?

  • Online – Click here anytime & get a handmade card next month to use
  • Email – to have your order personally handled, just email Ann
  • In Person or By Phone – Call Ann at 530-674-5090 for live interaction.
      You may even hear me in the background!
  • Fax – Why didn't I think of this earlier?  We have a fax machine & you can use it!  530-751-7678

This is all important information just in case you need something. 

Send me a little bark today