Click for a close up…about the Poison Pen Letter that my girlfriend Doodles got. 

Many wouldn't understand, but my Doodles is very particular about her cards.  She was distraught because someone sent her a card that didn't have any layers and she felt that the ink didn't match.  

She forwarded it to me to see if I could do anything to fix it.  I did my best to stay to the basic design of the card, but I doubled the layers to make it up to her.  Some cards can be made without layers.  This wasn't one of them.

While my card using the Stampin' Up! Vintage Vogue stamp set isn't one I'll be having Ann submit for a card contest, it won't make Doodles eyes hurt like the Poison Pen Letter card did.


It's using the Emboss Resist technique that's so popular.  I'll probably use Very Vanilla next time with the Regal Rose & Chocolate Chip, but I was trying to stay somewhat true to the original card.  (I think it used Regal Rose & Rose Red)  Besides the Stampin' Up! Vintage Vogue stamp set (Wood-#117690 Clear-#118598) that's still available, I used the Chic Boutique set #113744 for the greeting & its frame.

I may be a boy dog, but I'm still in touch with my feminine side when it comes to Doodles.  Just like my last Friday's fortune cookie told me here.  But remember humans, the best card is the one that's sent with love.

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