I was very busy yesterday at Central Bark (AKA My Home).  I had a 2 hour consultation with Jack Bauer last night.  Jack is such a smart guy.  He does whatever I say & got out of town soon after we were done.  I sure am going to miss him.

On Sunday, Ann & Cecil went to San Francisco to see a play called "Wicked".  They had a ball!  They drove down to El Cerrito to eat dinner at Macaroni Grill by the BART station (SF's subway system).  While they were having a nice quiet dinner at the restaurant, an artist  masquerading as a hostess drew their picture.  She even signed the picture!  Just think what it will be worth when Valerie Vargas becomes famous!  It was drawn on the back of the dessert menu.


 Ann's only regret was that she didn't take the camera out of her purse & have someone Great show!take a photo from the same angle so you could see how good this really is.  Thank you, Valerie.  I'm glad you were around when I wasn't to make their night a memorable event.  (and Ann said the musical was FANtastic too!)


Come back tomorrow to see what I did for Doodles when she got a poison pen letter – but that's another story.  Until then, I think we should talk to Valerie about becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!  She's nice, she's talented….that's a double whammy!  (actually, we only require NICE)  Be sure to talk to Ann if you meet THAT ONE requirement.

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