Doodles sent me this really cool package.  Look at it!  It's got her picture of her in flight during trials on her return address label.  She is one fine little pup!  Not to mention the cool artwork that she designed to give me some sweet stampin' treats!  (You can click on the picture to see it closer – just like almost all of our pictures)

Cool valentine gifty from my Doodles

Isn't the label on the back dynamic?  It's made with that Sweet Centers set too!  That's the part of the stamp that goes behind where the stars are.

I love you Doodles, but we've got to talk So now that I got this special package from my special Valentine, does this mean we have to get married?  Thanks, Doodles.  That was really nice of you, but I think I'd better talk to Ann first.

You can still buy those cool Sweet Treat cups #116802 for just $2.95 for 12 of them.  And you can get Heart Treat Cups #120435 while they last for the same price.  You can use them for more than just Valentine's Day or for really scaring a poor pooch!

I'm too young for love!

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